Russell M

Ask Katy

Hi Katy,I was wondering how many collaborations did the guys have with Russell Mulcahy and which video proved to be the most interesting to do with him? Thanks Lauren

"We counted and believe Russell directed 9, and one Arcadia clip ("The Flame"): Planet Earth, Nightboat, Lonely in your Nightmare, Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, Save a Prayer, Is There Something I Should Know, The Reflex and Wild Boys. The band starting working with Russell on Planet Earth, and that's the only video they ever shot on video tape rather than film. It was extremely low budget and over a period of 4 years, they managed to work their way towards Wild Boys, which was a large chunk of a film feature glued to a song. The video was part of the band's concert film ARENA, which Russell also directed. According to the band, each experience had its memorable moments. They all think the Sri lanka footage was the most exciting because they realized at the time that they were creating something very special and unique for the burgeoning music video industry. KK"