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Can I rephrase my question and have you forward it to him? Thank you.

Hello Simon, again:

I saw a recent clip of you playing the guitar in the studio for Red Carpet Massacre and was wondering how long have you played guitar? Over the years, we have seen you pick up the guitar and play some chords such as in the live video for "Save A Prayer." Have you always wanted to play the guitar growing up? Which guitar players do you consider influences?

Can't wait to hear Red Carpet Massacre and see you guys in Cleveland. Take care. Mike V.

"no offense taken mate, teehee!

i grew up in a house where there were musical instruments; piano, guitar, violin. naturally, as a kid i would bang away on the naked piano wires or strum the guitar in its case with just the lid open. far from these actions inspiring the parental disapproval which i anticipated, i was actively encouraged.

i must have been about 13 years old when the grammar school i attended contracted a guitar teacher; i started playing proper.

Among the guitarists who have influenced me the most are the following:

Bob Dylan

Andy Taylor

Warren Cucurullo

John Lee Hooker

Keith Richards

Mick Ronson

David Bowie

Jimi Hendrix

Manitas de Plata

Bob Marley

Dave Gilmour

Nile Rodgers

Jimmy Page

and now, Dom Brown (a bit; one needs time)

i also love classical guitar and can play pieces by Fernando Sor

amazing that - there's not one single chick on that list

I hope this helps Mike V.

and i hope you like RCM
s" **

** Editor's Note - and this is why i love him