Ask Katy

hey katy, i've seen an andy warhol book called "BigSize" there's a section called "warholTV" with monitor-stills pictures of nick and simon 1982 circa, among others celebrities. Please, could one of them tell me something more about it? this cableTV lasting till 1985, did they do it once or more? thanx a lot.

"I can't remember how many times we were on it - I think the show was called ANDY WARHOL's 15 MINUTES. I am surprised it isn't available on DVD yet. Not sure how many episodes were made, but I specifically remember doing one of his shows but it is possible that we appeared on more.I think the still photo you saw however was taken in about 1984 or 1985. The cable TV series was shot on video mostly at Andy's FACTORY from what I remember. As always, Andy was way ahead of his time. It was part chat show, part reality show with lots of famous/glamorous/fabulous people. NR"