Pop Trash Live

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Hope you're well. I'd love it if you could forward this question onto the band...As Pop Trash is the only album not to have a track played live since the 'reunion' are there any plans to add a track - or two - to the set list when the band next tour? And if so what songs would Nick and Simon like to rediscover and what would Roger and John like to add their magic to?? Personally I'd love to hear the band rock 'Last Day On Earth' style (I always thought Andy would've liked that one) but I love Someone Else Not Me, Mars Meets Venus, Pop Trash Movie, Playing With Uranium and Lava Lamp as well. Dan p.s. Please please please don't miss My Own Way or Serious off the UK tour set list or I'll throw a proper wobbler!!

“I checked in with the guys – they agreed that tracks off of all albums constantly under consideration. Since they are releasing an entire new album and are keen to play that material, it somewhat reduces the possibility of us digging deep in to obscure tracks from “Pop Trash.” They did say they’d like to do “Silva Halo” again one day...katy”