Art Form

Ask Katy

Nick, As the very influential person in pop culture and sensitive Art connoiosseur you are, I'd like to know your views on how do you see your own work. Do you consider your labour on Duran Duran as an Art form? Where do you think the line between Art and marketing should stand (if there should be any)? Please note that I don't mean any disrespect, in fact I've been a huge fan of yours most of my life. I just think your opinions to be very enlightening since Duran Duran have made a very successful career in both areas. Thank you, and all best, Diego

“For me, art and commercialism have always merged somewhere. The constant battle is to discover where that line lies. Personally, I always strive to bring something different to our songs, both in the writing and recording. When you are inspired, this can be easy – at other times the search seems much harder. It is difficult to not repeat yourself when you’ve worked together for more than 25 years, but somehow, there is usually a way. Whilst making the new album, we collaborated with several people including Nate Hills, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. This brought a real energy to the process and inspired everyone in the band to find a way to reinvent ourselves again. You never know – from project to project what will happen, but it is the unknown which motivates and fascinates me most. I never feel completely dry of ideas because I surround myself with books, art work, photography and great friends, many of whom work in film, fashion and the arts. All the people I admire most have managed to have a career by doing what they want and creating art within the parameters of a commercial arena. NR”