Technical Problems

Ask Katy

Hey Katy- I remember reading (a long time ago!) that back when synth-pop duo Erasure were starting out, a fuse box blew, and all of the computers went down in the middle of the performance. Has this ever happened to Nick?! If so, what did he do? If not, how do they keep that from happening!?Kisses, H

“I am not sure ongoing live technical problems can be reduced to a fuse box, but it is inevitable that problems can occur during shows. On occasion, it can actually make the evening a little more interesting, but then of course, it could be crushingly embarrassing too. I do seem to remember an incident in Portland, OR at a Festival when the complete guitar rig went down. Warren, having limited patience and a great deal of frustration, decided to take his trousers down in front of the audience. In the meantime, I had suggested plugging his guitar in to the amplifiers (this has never happened before as Warren had a complex set up of effects and pedals). Remarkably, this solved the problem and he put his trousers back on again. On the rare occasions that we have lost all power, we have no option but to leave the stage until the technicians have rectified the problem and the audience are usually as relieved as we are when we are able to return to stage. Nick”