Picking Influences

Hello, Katy. I have a question for John.

You know how the more music you really know over time the more you sometimes think you're picking out influences in one's music that isn't necessarily their influence at all, but just a similarity to your own ears? Well, if I was to say to you that I believe you've been influenced by Bill Wyman would you say something along the lines of A) Why yes, Emmy, you are correct. Bill has always been a big influence for me, or B) That's cute, but no... And then wonder what in the world I'm talking about...Must know. Thanks for your time! Emmy

"Well.... The bassist with perhaps the second biggest band in the world? I guess, he's big in the ether of bass. Unavoidable. And yet...what of his basslines really attracted me to the art? None come to mind. "Jumping Jack Flash" of course, legend has it, was built around Bill's line, but credit never given. I never really noticed bass until disco. Looking back though, Paul McCartney - now those Beatle bass lines have everything.And you know who else?.. Mike Rutherford. JT"