The Simpsons

Hello Katy and Band, This one is for Nick and Katy in particular: Alright Dynamic Duo, what are Your Top Five (or Three) Favorite Moments from The Simpsons? Thank you for your music being such an important part of people's lives. --Jordi."OK, this is truly the most unfair question we have ever been asked since the inception of ASK KATY. That's just impossible! We would have to really, really think about that Kathryn!All I can possibly offer is the first 5 thoughts that enter me head because I know as soon as I commit there will be another several thousand spectacular moments to follow. So here we go - The first one that comes to mind when Burns pulls out Homer's brain, places it on his head and says "Look at me, I am Davy Crockett!"There are so many. I love the one where it goes in to the future when Lisa get married and Bart's a bum and  there is a digital tree flashing on and off that commerates where a tree used to be. An obscure and weird moment! From the episode with John Waters where Homer is wearing a dress that matches the short curtains in The Simpson's house -  that's spectacular!Or the one when the Krusty doll turns nasty in a Halloween episode? Or what about when Marge gets arrested for shoplifting and Apu measures her height against the wall.O, can I have a 6th one? The first episode where Homer is playing scrabble - I knew I was hooked on "The Simpsons! Nick""I can't even touch Nick's greatness for memory. But I love any Lisa ep. Katy"