Hebrew Letters

Dear Katy, Since I'm a new DD fan (only 16) I succeed in checking TTP site on time, just a minute before it was closed. When I examined John's impressive advertisements to the initial Duran Duran I was astounded to see John was using Hebrew letters with two of the graphics he designed (I noticed that because I'm coming from Israel). I really wanted to ask John if he knew he was using Hebrew letters, and if he did, was he meant anything else besides the similarity of the Hebrew letters to the band name? btw, It's a brilliant idea to put John's archive from the TTP site in the DD site! I was just crying everyone about the loss of those nostalgic pictures...Thanks, Meyrav

“Quite honestly Meyrav.. it was a purely aesthetic decision.. using Cyrillic letters.. I was on a Russian Constructivist trip at the time (being still at art school)…although your mail made me very happy. I was Hebrew in a previous life..! xx JT”