Memories of Instant Karma

Katy, here's a question for anyone in the band that would like to answer...Now that the John Lennon tribute album is coming out, can we hear a bit about how the band's version of "Instant Karma" was realized? Who produced, how long it took to record, etc. Any stories would be appreciated...I would like to say that, really - it's a fantastic cover, and the band should be quite proud of it! Cheers, David

“As we’ve worked with Amnesty for many years, when they approached us about the John Lennon Tribute Project, we were of course happy to be involved. We narrowed down our choice of song to “#9 Dream” “Gimme Some Truth” or “Instant Karma.” After playing around with them in the Studio in SoHo, New York, we decided upon “Instant Karma.” Personally, I’ve long been a fan of this song – typical sharp Lennon lyric and hugely uplifting chorus. We felt we could bring something new to the song. I’ve always felt there was little point doing a cover version if you are merely making a facsimile of the original which stands little chance of being as good…so we set out to change the rhythm and play the song as Duran Duran would have had they written it.

It was recorded over two days in September 2005 at Magic Box Studio and was produced by Duran Duran and Paul Logus and mixed by Paul Logus. I guess ours was one of the first to be completed and it has taken a considerable time to gather all the other artist’s contributions together but it has turned out to be an impressive collection. Viva John Lennon. Nick”