Vinyl Collector

This one is for John and Nick. After reading about your weekly journey to the record store to get the latest when you were young, it peaked my curiosity about your vinyl collection. I have always loved vinyl since I was a kid, when my older sisters would bring me downtown every week so I could hit the best import shops and get rare Bowie, Roxy Music and of course Duran! As someone who is still a diehard fan and collector of vinyl, I am curious if you kept all that vinyl you bought years ago? Do you collect it now or are you more into CD's and/or downloads?cheers, MediaVixen

“A lot of my precious vinyl was sold in order to buy my first amps, basses etc.. what I have left, some autographed Roxy Music, Bowie…and a lot of dance records from the late eighties early nineties I do still have, under lock and key courtesy of Public Storage. I just purchased a turntable over Christmas. When there's time I hope to get at my collection again. John”