Home Coming Pinnacle

It’s been two years since the band played a magnificent concert at St. Andrews (Birmingham City Football Club). I was just wondering what the thoughts of the band are two years later, about the night of May 28th 2005. How important was this concert to the band and what does it mean to have played to over 25,000 people in the city in which they formed. This question is directed at any member, but in particular Nick, because I want to know where he got the trousers that he wore on stage that night, and if he will ever wear them again." Thank You very much; your work doesn't go unnoticed. Kind regards, James Greasby

”Good Evening James, I am thrilled to hear that you had an enjoyable time attending our concert at Birmingham City Football Ground. For us, it was indeed one of those rare “home coming” pinnacles, that have occasionally marked our career. Regrettably, I am, at this time, unable to inform you of the specific province of my trousers. Whilst it would seem a little careless not to remember such an important factor in the evening’s entertainment, I am sadly somewhat at a loss. However, since you have focused the attention on this grave issue, I have deployed my team of designer analysts to resolve the situation posthaste, and shall hopefully be able to respond with a full report once the investigation is completed. Sincerely, Nicholas Rhodes.”