Being the daughter of a Merry Prankster, I grew up listening to The Mammas & Pappa's, Big Brother & the Holding Co., The Dead, etc. When I listen to Astronaut's "One of Those Days" I can't help but hear a Mammas & Pappas/California Dreamin' melody and harmony, which is probably one of the reasons it's my favorite song off the album. I've seen many lists of Duran Duran's musical influences, but I find myself wondering if any of you are influenced by the so called "psychedelic" music of the '60's? Your Loyal Friend & Fan, Jennifer Ann Taylor

“The band say “that's a fair observation!”

The harmonies definitely have a psychedelic twinge. They say they were all a little too young to have experienced the full effect of the 60s when it happened, but since then they have had plenty of opportunity to review the music of that period. Nick particularly likes the first “13th Floor Elevators” album as well as “The Chocolate Watch Band.” Katy”