Five String Bass

I was just curious as to when John began playing the five string bass? I have talked to many bass players, and some of them are pro five string basses and some say that there are only a couple more notes they can reach. I know a five string is not something I can play, I can barely keep up withthe four strings on my two basses. What is John's opinion of the five vs. the four string bass? Thanks, Missy

"Oh dear, an excuse to think about the first 5 string was a Warwick, and I might have used it on the Wedding Album sessions, although i can't remember any on the album. On 'Thank You' there is 5 string on 'Success' and 'Ball Of Confusion.' Parts of Astronaut, 'Finest Hour' and of course 'Sunrise', which is currently the only song in the set i play 5 on...if it were up to me I would probably never have invented a 5 string bass, or a 6, or whatever.. it's just a god-dang 4 string instrument, that's what it is! Could change my mind in a week tho...JT"