Bass on Get it On

Hiya Katy, I've got a question for JT:

Hi John, first thing's first. You are a god!!

Now on to business. I remember seeing in interviews that Power Station had come about because you wanted to record a T Rex cover correct? Then I remember seeing that you hadn't played on "Get It On", which surprised me since that's the song that sort of started it all. How come you didn't play on that song? It ain't like you you couldn't handle it! Then I remember seeing Bernard Edwards showing you the parts on the Power Station behind the scenes video. I'm just confused. Looking forward the new album!!! Confused Carrie

"Power Station was a collective with everyone diving in and doing a bit of this, a bit of that. You got to remember that the producer, Bernard, was the hot shit bass player of the time. I wanted him to play something on the album and he said okay, I'll play on this one. The break is me though, the solo if you will. His style of playing on it is reminiscent of Addicted To Love. Check it Out. JT"