A Kiss from Transylvania

Hi Katy! Thanks, as always, for all of the hard work you do! What a great resource you are! My question, although kind of an offbeat one, is for Nick. In the 'Sunrise' video, he is in shots between the street and his floating pod, and he is holding a small flashlight. He gives two small flashes while holding it beside his face and then returns those to himself in the next frame. I recently watched Underworld, and saw the same thing done in the movie when the Countess is attacked on the train by the Lykens. Was the video action an homage to Underworld by chance? I realize it is a stretch, but wanted to ask as there have been several posts by fans on DDMusic.com about a association between Nick and vampires, as weird as that is...Thanks! KristenL

"(a lot of laughter from Nick) Wow, that is funny. Well, I am always up for a good conspiracy...and there are few vampire movies that I have NOT seen...but in the Confessional, i must admit I had not noted any flashing in Underworld. A Transylvanian Kiss to you Kristen...NR"