hey katy!! well my name is Alma and i'm from Mexico City and i'm 15 years old, but trust me i'm a real real fan, so after reading that Mexico is one of the places that Roger has visited, i was wondering, what do you think about this amazing country? because i'm really amazed that after so many years, Mexico still is very loyal to you guys i mean i went to the Astronaut Tour Concert and that was the most beautiful and extraordinary experience i ever had, i'm so so in love with your work so far!! i know the question was for Roger but i really really like to the thank you guys to make my world perfect 'cause i know it wouldn't be the same without my vogue icon Nick, intellectual Simon, Mysterious, Fashion and just perfect John and sweet and cute Roger love u guys to death.

"Hi Alma, Yes I'm a big fan of your country. We had an amazing reception when we played in Mexico City , it had to be one of the most memorable nights of the whole Astronaut tour. I also love to go to Playa Del Carmen whenever I can , I think one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world. RT x"

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