Where Fore Art Thou Jupiter 8

Ask Katy

Katy, Having great seats to check out Nick's set-up at the Chicago show I noticed he has switched out the Jupiter-8 (which I assumed was a member of the band) for a 2nd Roland V-Synth. Just curious what was behind the move?Jason, Muskego, WI

"Jason - it was, indeed, a sad day, that when I was forced to retire the Jupiter from my Live Rig. I had resisted for many years but unfortunately senility set in and the old boys were no longer reliable, they could no longer live up to their peak performance. However, in these days of technology and cloning, I was able to successfully extract the Jupiter 8's DNA in to a Sampler and whilst my current Live Rig gives the impression that I am indeed playing two Roland V Synths, the shrouded truth would reveal that one is in fact purely a skeleton fleshed by a Sampler filled with the trusty Jupiter 8 sounds. Furthermore, for your peace of mind Jason, I should point out that my coterie of Jupiter 8s are still alive and well in London where they are cared for 24 hours a day. Whilst they no longer make public appearances, their performances on disc are innumerable and equally as splendid as when they were mere children. NR"