Arcadia Mixes

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, My question if for the Arcadians (Nick, Roger & Simon). My friend copied an Arcadia bootleg for me that has an interview with Simon & Nick, some of the more obvious remixes and one remix of "Election Day" called the "Alex Andrakis Sadkin Mix". I always admired the names you all would give to your mixes, they are too cool, but I'm wondering what made you name this mix in this way? Also, the intro of the mix is a backwards recording of (sounds like) John F. Kennedy (i couldn't help but dump it into my computer to find out!!). What made you pick this speech? Also one last question, how many "Election Day" mixes actually exist and will we get to hear 'em?? Thanks!! Mary Taylor

“We did so many mixes on Arcadia music, more than any project I’ve ever done. Since it was 20 years ago, my memory has lapsed on precisely which one was which and who did what and the reason for naming them. It does sound good, it almost makes me want to go and listen to it again – and sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! NR”