What Simon Did, or Didn't, Mean…

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Dear Katy, dear Simon,

This is Michael from Dresden/Germany … Well, I am not a big big fan of Duran Duran, but “at least” I liked and still like some of their music, in particular “Ordinary World”, “Come Undone”, “Save A Prayer” etc., I guess.
Well, that is not the question … anyways … I got more interested in what people say since it also helps to understand the lyrics better. So, I recently came across an interview with Simon which was taken for the German magazine “Galore” (with Jorg Schallenberg) in Berlin on July 26, 2004. Near to the end of the interview the question was raised if Duran Duran are still relevant as a pop band (although they are in their 40s). Simon answered (and this is only the re-translation into English again) that “the band’s history did not end to exist in 1989 or 1990 – just like the GDR (“so wie die DDR” – in German)”. So, this can be misunderstood and I am still not quite sure although I guess the right interpretation whether Simon meant that the GDR’s history stopped existing in 1989/90 or it did NOT stop then …

I hope I could make myself understood. Maybe you can help me to answer my question.

Thanks in advance and all the best, Michael with greetings from the former GDR

"Dear Michael,

Well, it so happens that I'm not a big fan of you either, but I am sufficiently interested by your question to answer you thus: the truth is, I don't remember saying anything remotely like what you have quoted in any interview, ever. And I'm as puzzled as you are, as to what I meant or didn't mean, when I said or didn't say it.

respectfully yours