A Good Bass to Start…

Ask Katy

Hey Katy, I've got a question for John. Me and my 14 year old son saw you guys in concert in New Orleans and you guys were awesome! (I'd been waiting for 22 yrs. to see a DD concert!) Anyway, my son has been inspired by you to learn to play the bass. What would be a good one to start out with? Your fan always, Angie

” I really don't know what to say.. it depends on your budget. Decide how much you want to spend and let him choose the one he likes the look of. I started out with japanese basses, they were good quality and not too expensive. I use Peavey now who are US manufacturers, again, not silly money. You can buy very so so stuff from the guitar centre for $200. Not very inspiring. Maybe try second hand stores…JT”