Anna's Thoughts

Ask Katy

OK, so we've heard from Dom & Simon, how about Anna's thoughts on touring with DD? Justin.

"I had a great time on this trip, I enjoyed this run of shows particularly I think because the set list seemed to flow really well, with the inclusion of some the tracks, Serious, Own Way, Some Like it Hot and the Unique Electric Barbarella! Also I was on stage for almost all the songs so I really got a feel of the whole show and the affect it has on the audience, which was really exciting. The guys are so easy going that I forget I'm working. It's only when we travel to 2 or more cities in the same day that I remember, still if the gig's great who cares! As a singer, Simon's harmonies always make the songs interesting to sing. They are very melodic and usually have an original twist to them that I wouldn't have anticipated which keeps me on my toes. As long as he's in my in ears plus a little guitar or keyboards to pitch from then we can have some fun. I don't need John in my in ears coz I'm right by the bass amp, his monitors and the side fills. I got a body full o bass for the whole gig.... sure feels funky to me!

I loved working with Dominic and Simon Willescroft on this trip, a good laugh and down to earth. Dominic's performance seems so effortless and he's sociable on stage with both the audience and the band, I like that. Apart from the gig when we do have free time there's usually something going on. I saw Niagara Falls for the first time on this trip. Needless to say it was amazing and of course we got covered in spray, a small price to pay, still had to get as close as we possibly could to feel its intensity. Lots of good times just chilling out, having a drink at the bar with the band and some of the fans. It's a hard life......C u on the next one xxxAnna"