Saxophone Moods

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Here's a question I'm hoping Duran Duran can answer for me. It was something I thought about while watching the "Live In London"'s fantastic, btw. I know the band writes all their own music but I was wondering about Andy Hamilton's saxophone parts. Did the band write them or did Andy H. come up with his own music?? BTW, does he usually record with the band or schedule time later?? Christine H.

“The band usually has an idea for the mood they want to create with a saxophone part, but Andy Hamilton is a very creative individual. For example, “Union of the Snake” was a real collaboration because the band had a specific idea of what the sax should sound like. “Rio,” however was very much Andy’s solo with obvious suggestions from the band along the way. The guys, especially Nick, stay with Andy throughout all the sessions he does with them, as his parts are recorded after the basic tracks are done. Katy”