Re-releasing Medazzaland?

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, this a question for Nick or Simon. Next year is the tenth anniversary of one of my favourite albums Medazzaland. Do you have any plans to re-release it on cd with extra tracks or remixes worldwide.I would also like to ask Nick if he has any plans in the near future to release the TV Mania project. Looking forward to the new album and tour. Thanks. Derek

"yes, yes and yes....

We are hoping to put Medazzaland up on iTunes very soon - along with Pop Trash - and both should have some additional material and hopefully a CD release to follow. Regarding TV Mania, I had been discussing putting out a special 10 Year Anniversary Issue this year, but as we appear to have missed the deadline, perhaps we can make the 11th Year Anniversary Issue, which is in fact, more fitting for TV Mania. NR"