tritec and assorted images explained by Nick

How are you? Can any of the guys explain to me better what 'Assorted Images' and 'Tritec Music' were representing in the early albums? Do these "companies" still exist? I'm very excited for the new album! LOVE/Alberto

“Alberto, you have been reading too much label copy!! However I can confirm to you that neither of these companies have existed for quite some time.

Assorted Images was a design company where Malcolm Garrett presided along with Kasper de Graaf (whose name you may recognise from an early book, "Duran Duran : Their Story"). As the company developed it changed names tp AMX & later down the line, Malcolm moved on.

Tritec Music was owned by the Berrow Brothers & all of our early contracts with Duran Duran were signed to this entity (we were very young....). Of course, the instant trouble broke out in 1985, the Berrows scurried off to EMI & sold their company - Tritec - to them, along with all the rights. Such is life. NR”