John on bootlegs (last time!)

Dear JT, I know I've read a few times you use to collect bootlegs of your favorite groups and still do. What are your feelings about this small group of "fans" that skim eBay for possible Duran Duran bootlegs? Apparently, they've made it their mission to keep boots out of the many��fans hands that want them. Mostly compilations of TV appearances from the 80's and 90's.They think anyone who sells boots. are stealing from Duran's pockets. They just don't get the fact that this would only be true if they were out selling copies of official CD, DVDs, etc. A live show, or compilations that have never been released on CD/DVD, etc. isn't competing with the band at all, it's only keeping fans interested in the year(s) break between albums. Thanks! AVTAK69

" If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times. I'm not precious about bootlegs. The biggest drawback is when a really stinky performance, (such as the Prince's Trust Concert in London '84, immortalized as 'Di's Big Date) becomes readily available. Today it seems pretty much anything and everything shows up on some form of bootleg. Instead of tapes, which never seemed as bona fide as vinyl, anyone can produce a CD. JT"