other drummers for JT

This question is for John: I can recall in the past that you mentioned how crucial the relationship between the bass and drums was in getting a groove down. Being that Roger is the consumate drummer, it is obvious how well you two work together.  My question is, was it difficult to adjust to other drummers following Roger's initial departure in 1986? And can you explain what it was like to play together again after such a long absence?  Thank you for so many years of great music...and please tour Canada soon (Montreal needs you!!)  Best Wishes, Joe

" I was lucky to play with some really fabulous drummers in lieu of Roger, especially Steve Ferrone and Tony Thompson.  Both of them certainly helped to present my playing in a strong golden light.  However, in a personal sense, Roger and I are two peas out of the same pod, (You could say the same for all the original Durans,) and that similarity of experience, growing up, our exposure to music and culture, means so much. When we are writing or recording a new song, we are both usually going after the same prize, and on stage, we are a strong source of energy and humour to each other. JT"