john's side of things

At the April concerts At Wembley, my friend and I couldnt help noticing that John rarely plays over to the left hand side of the set during the concert (his left), and when he did, despite ample encouragement from the crowd (both of us in particular, much to our own embarassment), he didnt step out onto the catwalk bit (apparently, according to another friend of mine, this often happens at DD Concerts - those on the left only get to see Simon, Andy and Nick, understandably Roger can't really move around much!).

I got to thinking (as you do on a dull Friday afternoon), Is there a technical reason for this (Is this 'cos his bass guitar goes out of radio range or something?) or is it for more sinister reasons (eg fear of attack by rampant 30 something fans!) or is John just not comfortable playing on the left!!!?

Emma (wasting valuable work time in Southampton)

"Sound does have a lot to do with it. The left hand side of the stage is Andy world, and it's like walking through a whirlwind. Simon is OK as he wears in ear monitors, but I don't get much bass over there. J"