most played

Hi Katy, I am hoping you could ask Nick or Simon if they could settle a small ongoing discussion between a American friend of mine and myself. The question is which song has been played most at all the shows?

I think that Girls on film is the most played song,The American lady Stephanie, thinks its Rio,we both think that Notorious would come third. So maybe if Simon or Nick has time could they list the top 5 or top 10, I am really looking forward to Nottingham, Manchester, and Sheffield kindest regards,Simon Judd, Leeds uk

"I think GIRLS ON FILM is probably a safe bet cos it preceeded RIO and has probably never bounced out of the set. I certainly don't think NOTORIOUS would be our 3rd most played song however ....we need to think about this one for while to get back to on the top 5.NR & SLB"