what can roger hear?

I saw you last night in Wembley and you were absolutely fab and were worth the 18 years I have been waiting to see the original line-up!!!

I'd like to ask Roger - It seemed like the whole place was singing last night - can you actually hear the audience from behind your drum kit and is it off putting at all. Finally, what was it like playing Wembley again after all these years?

I had a fantastic night and it's great to see you all having such a good time and looking so well. Keep it up boys!!!!Cat Smith

"Hi Cat ...glad you enjoyed the show last night...I loved it ...it was so good to be back at Wembley again after all these years...it felt like 'home from home'..yes I can hear the audience singing along and its great. One of the features of this tour so far has been the very 'vocal' audience..amazing..wonderful...BOOSH! Roger"