Discovering Enki Bilal

Ask Katy

Hello katy! This is two questions for Simon or Nick or the band In the past you have worked with Enki Bilal for the Visual (and maybe Universe) of Arena. In March, an amazing movie by Enki Bilal "Immortel"(in French) was a very big event, mixing real actors, Art and 3D images. Are you excited by this and will you go to see this movie ? Have you ever imagine to re-work with this big artist for Art-Works or maybe a future video-clip ? Personnaly I discovered Enki Bilal after the drawning visual of Arena (Thanks to You !) and I think It could be a great idea to see you re-work with him ...Thank You for Your Answer ! Christophe (Paris)

“Hi Christophe – Enki Bilal is indeed a fascinating and unique artist/illustrator. We very much look forward to seeing the film and & always leave the door open for collaborations with other artists. NR & SLB”