Surreal Nick

Ask Katy

Hello Nick! At the video of "Sunrise", it was interesting to see your role was the only 'surreal' one! Was this role given to you because of your interest in near future? And this brings to my mind another question! Would you be keen to become one of the passengers at Richard Branson's, "Virgin Galactic" space liner which should begin the 'space tourism' in couple of year’s time!? Thank you for the new, thrilling album!! Best wishes, Eren/Istanbul

”My role in the video was based on the fact that I am somewhat the band’s resident surrealist. The Polish Brothers actually chose a spacecraft as my mode of transport. After the journey, I have to say I felt as if I had been around the world twice on an economy ticket… I am actually not very good with flights (and neither is Katy!) so I won’t be raising my hand any time soon for the Branson Express. Think I will have to wait for Tele-Portation. NR”