where's that gee-tar?

Ask Katy

Hello I'm an Andy Taylor fan & would like to know if Andy still has the black Yamaha SG guitar. At the time of the bands music videos you always seen him with this guitar. I could never find one for my self to buy in the yearly 80's . I also play the guitar and have to thank Andy for his style and sound that he has made with Duran. As I know that chic was a big influence on the band at the time i was learning to play i was into heavy rhythm style guitar then i heard Duran in April of 81 and on Easter Sunday my mother gave me Rio as a present & i played the hell out of that LP. sorry to get off the subject about the guitar I'll keep it short. thanks Scott from ohio

"Yes, I still have the guitar, it's totally bastardised at this point but it still sounds good and my son uses it these days.Andy T."