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Ask Katy

I believe that Simons riddle is referring to the mystery of the parchments found by Saundiere in under the alter of St. Mary Magdalin in Rennes-le-Chateau. This topic is the subject of a book titled Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The parchments seem to indicate the location of riches plundered from Jereuselm during the cruisades, including the holy grail. They also elude to evidence that Jesus did not die by crucifixtion. That he married and had children, living to 45AD and that his bloodline carries on. And if this isn't the answer, I have found a captivating new topic to stimulate me until that new album comes out!!! Best wishes to all! XOXO Chris

"This is so close It actually is one of the secrets but I want the other one, I want the name.s...P.S. after el backwards insert D"