jt sets the record straight on reunions

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I'm Denny from NY and nice site by the way. I'm a big DD fan, but I have a controversial question for Mr. John Taylor: are you eating your words for that quote you made in 1998 that the very idea of a Duran Duran reunion would be laughable? here's a piece of that article to help refreshyour memory: "Still, he laughs at the idea of rejoining Duran Duran, which is working on a new album. "That's like sleeping with your ex-wife," Taylor said. "In the best-case scenario, if they offered enormous amounts of money, itwould have to be [like the Eagles'] Hell Freezes Over tour. "It's like the KISS tour. Do you really want to go there? That's what you do when you have nothing else left in your life. It's a statement of failure. Is that anything less than aparody, to taint your own legend?"

JT SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT: "My simple answer would be, that if I have learnt one thing of late, it is that you can always be sure that things will change- and nothing ever stays the same; least of all my opinions or desires! "