riddle solved!! a post from simon (get a pen and paper!)

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Dear Katy, I looked at the timings of the relevant emails and revised the result. Hey if they can award two separate gold medals in the Olympic ice dance pairs competition why can't I. bet yer glad it's finished. wuf s

Congratulations to Jeanette Meierhofer and Graeme Thompson

Jeanette posted this: "Okay, I'm giving it another try "after el backwards insert D" Led..."The name of the prior E" Priory Sion/Zion. There was another spiritual Order within the Knights Templar, 'Prieure de Sion', who used the Knights Templar as their outer extension... "The Prieure de Sion was founded to protect and aid the sangreal, the HolyBlood."

And just two hours later Graeme posted: "I believe the answer to the riddle is:The 'Prieure De Sion' or Priory of Zion are a secret society who's purpose is to protect this bloodline until the time of a Second Coming."

Several others posted correct or nearly correct solutions around the same time. These two however actually got it before I had even posted my last clue.A very special mention need to go to Chris Purves; Chris who was so close a day earlier and even used the key words 'Prieure de Sion' but stated her "final" answer to be "Sion" and as you will see I gave very clear pointers to the words Le Prieure de Sion.

Of course Graeme and Jeanette both missed the "Le" in his answer but I'll forgive them that. I'm so impressed that someone actually solved the riddle. There were times I must admit that I thought I may have to give the answer myself - and how disappointing that would've been.

So my friends, I really must say thank you to everyone who's got involved in my little game, that's what riddles are you see just a game. I must confess the truth to you all right now - that there is no real secret hidden in the vocal of "Tel Aviv" either played forwards or backwards, for of course that is what I meant by playing the spiral (i.e.. the recorded spiral groove of a 33rpm disc )widdershins, an old word from wiccan meaning anticlockwise or more exactly, in the opposite direction to that which the shadow on a sundial moves.

But I'm rushing ahead, let me start at the beginning.

I think I'd got really depressed in early Feb. by some of the knee jerk, national chauvinistic and pig ignorant responses to the Redford letter, so when I first got Eren's email asking what language I was singing on "TA" I thought I might provide some relief and have a little bit of fun in the same fashion as the Rio "eye symbol/catacombs" ruse of some time ago. I took the liberty of playing the song backwards and to my astonishment what was sung originally as pastiche mullah sounding blabla, in reverse began to form implied words in my over imaginative ears. Indeed a whole phrase seemed to repeat itself to me the same each time I listened and I'll come round to that at the end of this.

So this is the whole riddle solution and remember I have a cryptic mind.

Take the shape of a snake in the way of a snail - It means a worm

In what once were trees find two secrets therein. - well paper used to be trees.

What sort of worm? - A bookworm (anag. wok broom)

Ah so, there's secrets in a book. What book? - Tis "the holy Blood and the holy grail" - by Michael Baigent and the Richard Leigh ( if you haven't read it - do; it is one of the best historic conspiricy/mystery/detective stories you will ever find.) It's also the origin of the name Arcadia.

That reveals when you spiral widdershins?- Well this is the really tricky bit. You see quite a few people started to get the Rennes les Chateau/Templar/Sang Real and some more recent stuff that I'm going to have to read up on.But for this to be a real riddle, it has to have a proper answer. So I decided that the answer was to be part of what I (and probably only I) can hear in the backwards blah of "TA"

Only people who were familiar with "The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail" or suchlike would stand a chance of understanding the last part, the answer I required, specifically - THE NAME.

Don't stop now, what's the name of the prior E? This refers to - Priory or Prieure. The ancient juwes knew and still do, likewise Ja Rastafari. It's written in the foothills of the mountains, not in the language of the Holy See but of the Holy Chi(s). It all refers to Sion. The rastas sing about it, the jews (juwes is the masonic spelling of the word, said to have been part of a cryptic message writtten by Jack the Ripper in 1888, on my part a bit of a red herring) - well obviously. And there's a town called Sion in Switzerland near the Alps - Holy Chi(s) - holey cheese - swiss cheese, (my personal favourite clue) geddit?

then - P.S. - does that give you a clue? - The "P.S." is literally the clue; it forms the acronym of Prieure & Sion

and finally - P.S. after el backwards insert D - Prieure Sion after el backwards ie. le, with de (D) inserted gives you.............

The answer to the riddle: Le Prieure de Sion

According to "The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail" it is the name of the secret knightly order charged with the duty of preserving the bloodline of Christ. It is the two secrets- one within another that I imagined I heard in Tel Aviv reversed -"all I see - le Prieure de Sion - only me - all I see." all you with turtables - try playing it backward (normal speed)- maybe you'll hear it too.

So, you see it was all a bit of enligtertainment (I just made that up). If you thought there was something more to it than that, I'm sorry to disapoint you. If you enjoyed the distraction, well I'm glad to be of service. And if you still think it's really all about breasts, penises, vaginas, sperm etc. please send me your telephone no. and a recent photo.

This has been a marvellous experience for me. What began as a whimsical five minute reply to an "Ask Katy" developed into the most intense interactive web relationship I've ever known. What has really impressed me has been the depth of thought and research that has been evident in so many of your replies, solutions and theories. So much so, that the 'secret' I came up with seems in comparison to some a little dull and mundane. I do hope you've enjoyed it as much as I and I thank you all, for all the goodtimes I've had reading your responses.



Oh, one more thing - anybody interested in doing another riddle about the sexually perverse and diabolical suggestions hidden in the chorus of Beck's "Loser"?

(note from katy: can graeme and jeanette please e.mail ASK KATY with their address. we would like to send you something. Oh, and please, no e.mails about Beck's LOSER!)