the legend of "el diablo"

Ask Katy

I actually have a question for Simon, Nick, or Roger - something I've always wondered about. Years ago I read in my sister's "Teen Bop" magazine (I swear it was hers) that Arcadia was going to contribute a song to the Tom Cruise movie "Legend" named "El Diablo" (this is before the movie or So Red The Rose was released). Of course, we all know that Bryan Ferry did the song for that movie. The question is, what was the inspiration for the song El Diablo;? The movie, or perhaps;something true to life?! (or perhaps a couple of bottles of wine?) Ta! Matthew

NICK TOOK THIS ONE : "At the time we were actually in discusssions with Ridley Scott to direct the first Arcadia video, "Election Day." Unfortunately, he had some complications with the movie "Legend" so working together never quite materialised. He was keen to use a track for the movie and I believe "El Diablo" was under consideration. however, it already existed before we saw a rough cut of the movie andit seemed to be a good match. I think the timing wasn't good for either of us, so it didn't work out. "