some more guesses to the riddle (and maybe another clue?)

Ask Katy

Hmmmm...The riddle makes me think of a book called "The Hiram Key" written a good twenty years after Tel Aviv was. Essentially, the book deals with esoteric Mason legends and codes, and it's an awesome read which spells out the Masons history from ancient Egypt, to becoming Catholic Crusaders, to going into hiding in Scotland as Masons. In the book, the HOLY GRAIL is a code for the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the TWO TABLETS of the Ten Commandments. It was a fitting code because the Grail contained the blood of Christ (the new Law) while the Ark contained the old law. The Ark was of course made from Acacia wood (TREES). Of interest is that the book theorizes that the Crusaders (i.e. Masons) found the Ark below Solomon's temple and it eventually became buried beneath the Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, which is an altogether different theory postulated by Graham Hancock's book "The Sign and the Seal" that the Ark made its way down to St. Mary's Chapel in Ak Sum Ethiopia. Anyhow, I with all this in mind, I'd have to guess that the riddle of the Hymn is about the Ten Commandments, or perhaps about Moses in general. Or maybe it's about warming!! 🙂 KaiSeven

"This is thinking in the right direction, sort of - crusaders. s"

Well, the shape of the snake (penis) in the way of the snail (vagina) seems to indicate sex. In what once were trees (books?) find two secrets within (the secrets of Life?) Holy blood (semen) caught in the holy grail (again, vagina) Widdershins is Pagan/Wicca for a circle drawn counterclockwise. (Clockwise would be deocil) My best guess is that Simon was trying to shag some witch and was telling her that sex is the way to spiritual enlightenment. By the way, he would be right.

"crikey, ooh er! this is all geting a bit racey no it's not about sex"

Dear Katy and Simon, I'm going to start off by telling Katy that after this game is over Simon dam well better take you out for a good expressive dinner!!!! Simon get ready to read my research and just for the sake of it I'm one of the original fans and it seems like I traveled this road many times. To begin with, it helps to know the words that Simon leBon wrote for "Tel Aviv". and the only way you can obtain this is if you own what is called "THE BOOK OF WORDS" put out in 1984 and to us original Duran fans is known as the "Bible of Duran Music" and yes I have this book I was fortunate to have had a girl friend give this to me back in high school I mostly use it for reference material for my Art work and writing. So when this "game" came up it reminded me that I had it . Anyway are you ready for this SIMON here we go let travel back to the exercise book you carried in your pocket in 1980 as you walk the long and winding roads and at some point humming the "Beatles" song for I always carry a song with me every moment you never know when you might need one. As you sight see you at some point take a rest under the trees and the leaves. and you write this wonderful yet unfinished piece of Art. May I quote from your exercise....

"I have to cut you off here. I will take Katy out to dinner, but you are totally wrong. You are looking at the wrong book....s"