nick is nice

Hi Katy- Just wanna say how happy I am to see my fave band reunited. This question is for Nick or John. I had the opportunity of meeting you guys in Montreal when you were promoting Thank You, and you guys were amazingly great and pleasant. My question is, is it hard being in such a good mood when you are probally so preoccupied with other things? I can't say this about Simon and Warren, coz it was like somebody pissed in their cornflakes that day (hehehe sorry Simon i'm sure you were just having a bad day.) Thanks Laura

ACTUALLY LAURA, THE SIGNING WAS IN TORONTO BUT HERE IS WHAT NICK HAD TO SAY: "Hmmmm...well, I can assure you I have seen both Simon and Warren in good moods. But then I guess I have seen them in bad ones too. You must have picked the wrong lottery ticket that day -Love from London, Nick"