conceiving a song!

John, great of course about the reunion - even better that you guys seem to be having fun doing it! Just wondering if you can maybe shed some light on how the songs get written or conceived? Do you guys jam a lot to come up with new tracks, or does maybe one band member walk into the studio one day whistling a melody that everyone sort of picks up on? A combination? Mark

JT says: "We've tried to stick pretty close to the old blueprint... which largely would come out of the band jamming. We'd set up the gear and we play. We'd find a groove that we like, maybe Nick and Andy then find some chords that they like, that works with what we're doing, then Simon's pitching around for melodic and lyrical ideas. It's kind of how most of the material we did before was written. That's how we've been doing it so far, and it's working. "