song titles

Nice to have the original band back together again! My question is about song titles, more specifically, where do they come from? SinceSimon is the primary lyricist for the band, does he automatically come up with a majority of the titles or do the other members have veto power? And are there any songs in the Duran repetoire that you now wish you'd named differently? I remember hearing that "Skin Trade" had a working title of "Head" at some point. True? All The Best! Joe.

"Hmm good point. The titles of songs are usually obvious, occasionally there is a difference of opinion but good sense generally prevails. No-one has power of veto even if Nick thinks he has. There is "the lyric police" but they are only concerned with petty crime.

"Skin Trade" was always called that. "Head" was a working title off "Liberty". "Love Voodoo" was originally titled "Manipulate" s"