advice to a young songwriter

Hi Katy, I have been an admirer of the band's music for several years, and as an English teacher I now incorporate their work in my classroom. When I teach poetry I introduce concepts such as imagery, unique phrasing, and mood to My students by having them first listen to music. I've found that Duran songs lend themselves quite nicely to this task. Many of my teenage students are good writers of both prose and lyrics, but they often have trouble keeping their work fresh and vibrant. Since I frequently have my kids refer to the band's songs as examples of good writing, I'd like to go straight to the source for advice. 1) Is an active imagination the most important tool for vivid writing, or are there specific steps you take to make your work come alive, and 2) Whatadvice would you give young writers who aspire to break into songwriting professionally?Thanks for your help! Cara

"Hi Cara,I would placeimagination very high on a list of abilities necessary for creative writing, along with wit, a sense of individuality and a desire to be heard. S"