amanda, emily, midnight sun

Hi, Katy!!! I saw Simon answer a question to a girl called Emily saying "dear Amanda", very funny to me! (of course she doesn't feel like this) So I thought it should be a warning for me be insistent and send again a question I sent some weeks ago, who knows this time they hear me

Hello Simon, I hope you can help me here! I always wonder why the version of Midnight Sun of Medazzaland album doesn't have that great final part when you sing "follow, follow, follow the midnight sun... " like the demo version has, don't you think that part is like a climax of the song? And is there some version of the song somewhere with all that final lyrics (Yes I'll always be here beside you/ When I follow the midnight sun)? Thank you very much, love love Amanda F.

HI AMANDA, WELL YOU SORT OF SET YOURSELF UP FOR CHEEKY SIMON TO ADDRESS YOU LIKE THIS, BUT HERE IS YOUR ANSWER: "Dear Emily, I absolutely agree with you on that. The reason is that Anthony Resta the guy who mixed it added a drum loop to the track and was never able to reconcile the tempo change with the end section. So what was the answer to this? Why of course ,.........lose the entire vamp... talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.s"