Hi Katy, My question is for Simon - I once (twice actually!!) left a gift for you at your parents' place in Pinner - my question is, firstly was it really your parents place or some imaginary address - and if so, did your parents mind
having these girls around the place all the time - and finally, how do you feel about being approached by fans?? AND, lastly, any plans for the original line-up to tour Australia?? Love YOU. Missy xxxxxx

AN HONEST ANSWER: “hello Missy, I actually did grow up there and my parents lived in Tewkesbury Av. Pinner until about 1990 but now we've all gone somewhere else. They actually didn't mind having fans visit as much as I did - I hate it. Home is my place of refuge from the public life. If people want to come and see me then see me on tour - we all love that but please don't come here. whoosh s”