Hi Katy, I/m Laura from Argentina and my question is: what/s the intrument of "the Chauffeur", the one that Simon plays at the concerts. I/ve seen him play it and I can/t figure what it is. People have told me that it/s an ocarine, but I have one, and it doesn/t sound anything like that...maybe it/s another kind of ocarine. Anyways, if Simon or anybody can tell me which is it I/ll really apreciate it. Thanks and let me tell you that I admire all the hard work you do. Bye Laura.

GOING RIGHT TO THE SOURCE: “Laura,it is a clay wind instrument called an ocarina (italian for little goose) originally from central america I believe. I also played it in Arcadia's "El Diablo". The ocarina plays the uniquely identifiable signature tune in the theme music to "laurel and Hardy" whoosh s”