hold my hand

Hi Katy, I think your doing a great job. In fact I would trade spots with you anytime! My question has to do with the live shows. I've noticed that
after the concerts Simon usually grabs one persons hand in the front row.What is it about them that stands out to him? Just curious! Thanks, Chris in N.Y

"Hi Chris,, I usually try to shake hands with more than one person in
the audience after a show but sometimes it's just one. I suppose you could call it a sort of ritual. The reasoning behind it is quite simple really: always to touch somebody in the front row right at the end of the show, when I am feeling "king of the world" to remind myself by whose grace it is that I am there. And perhaps more to the point, not to be untouchable. As for what makes me choose one particular person it could be someone who I feel has given me their all, or just someone who has caught my eye - usually a pretty girl. S"