recorded shows

Hi Katy. I wanted to know what the bands' opinion is of fans recording their live shows? I record bands, and a couple times, Duran shows. I've never sold any of the shows I've recorded, but many do. Thanks. shane

I ASKED SIMON HIS THOUGHTS: “I think it's great, it is wonderful that there is a record of nearly all of our performances. I never thought that people did it to make money. Anyway we make our own recordings - look out for the 360? sound and vision 10 bit digital recording of the last Anaheim show we made with our friends at Charmed.
We Have the Technology. S” THEN I ASKED NICK “ I don’t have any problem really with people making copies for themselves, but manufacturing and selling inferior quality products is not something I could support. I guess we are overdue to put out some more live material. We do have many tapes of shows from most tours. So watch this space…”