searching for roger taylor

Katy: OK, So I hope you having gotten this question before. At least during a time when Roger could answer for himself. But I was made aware of a fellow DD fan/film maker, ARron Barnett, who directed a film by the name "Searching for Roger Taylor". I enclose a link,, for
further information about the film and it's content. Which, as it turns out, does not revolve around Roger at all. But more, Roger inspired the subject matter. I was wondering what Roger's thoughts were on this and if he would be interested in seeing the film after all.
A devoted "Roger Fan" Corene

HI CORENE. I DO GET THE QUESTION AN AWFUL LOT, SO HERE IS YOUR ANSWER (DRUM ROLL PLEASE...JUST KIDDING...DRUMS, ROGER...GET IT? OK, I AM NOT SO FUNNY) "O.K here's the answer-I did actually see a copy shortly after it was made-the strange thing was that originally the film was going to be another 80s 'rockumentary'until after its completion when Arron decided to name it after me-which was kind of strange-but then again how many people get be the main subject of a film? Anyway I thought the film was great and very positive in the end so who knows maybe I'll be in the sequel-'I've just found Roger Taylor'!!!!!Roger"