a little personal?

Hi Katy. 2nd time lucky for me hopefully. I've seen the boys on the last 3 UK tours in Cardiff
(The last 2 sans Taylor ) & could'nt help wondering, it was obvious to me that Simon missed having a on stage "foil" & all the on stage malarky & chemistry & was that one of the big reasons for bidding farwell to Warren? Any other comments on this issue? Regards Kevin PS, I can't wait for the new stuff to see what it sounds like!!

"Dear Kevin,I don't wish to sound aggressive but let me say that there are many reasons why WC has gone his own way, some are personal and some are matters of business. We issued a statement at the time which was written with the purpose of being informing while maintaining the dignity of all interested parties. I find your presumption offensive. After all you don't go asking a friend if your theories on why say his marriage has broken up are true; it is simply not polite.yours respectfully,
Simon Le Bon"