lots of questions about the RIO re-issue

We have had many questions about the RIO re-issue . Here is a statement from EMI Records.

"From what we can ascertain from our files there are a number of different UK original production masters for the Rio album which have been used to cut the LP's and CD's from day one in different territories and at different times. This means that the new re-master is not an incorrect version but merely a different version to that which some fans have in their possession and have been e-mailing about. The actual uneq'd original master, for which there is only one, does actually match the new re-master. As American fans will know there is also the version of the album featuring the David Kershenbaum mixes, released a few months after the original album, which is totally different again. If the version some of the fans have been pointing to, is deemed as the definitive version by the band, then at a later date we may look into releasing that version as the "Definitive Version". "

So what that basically means is that most fans, at least most fans in the United States, think that the album with the three David Kershenbaum mixes IS the original originalÂ…but it is not. When HUNGRY started to get attention, Capitol Records put out that version of the RIO album (withthose mixes) and that is what MOST people consider to be the original. But if enough people contact EMI, perhaps that version will see the light of day.

I hope this makes sense!